Calumet CalEster base stocks are available in a variety of viscosities for aviation, refrigeration, and industrial applications. Our Group V polyol esters offer excellent thermal stability, compatibility, and are biodegradable. Our CalEster products deliver value where traditional base stocks cannot. With our two pilot lines, we are able to custom design an ester for you! Our CalEster products can be blended with Calumet Group I-III mineral base stocks to enhance properties when higher performance is required.

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  • Calumet offers an innovative portfolio of Synthetic Automotive Lubricants/ester base stocks for your automotive lubricant formulation needs.

  • Calumet offers premium lubricants for the commercial, military and general aviation aircraft. Our Synthetic Aviation Lubricants are designed to manage extreme speed, temperature, and stress conditions.

  • Calumet's Synthetic Lubricants can not only enhance safety, environmental care and productivity, they can also extend equipment life and potential energy savings.

  • Calumet's high-performance Industrial Lubricants for refrigeration applications are especially formulated for outstanding equipment protection and extended oil life. Calumet can supply the proper lubricants for any situation.